Drone Inspections for Industrial Applications

BII is happy to announce the addition of remote visual inspection capabilities. Utilizing drone technology, coupled with FAA licensed pilots, we can fly drones to inspect previously difficult-to-reach areas of refining and petrochemical complexes.  Flare stacks, coker structures, pipe racks, vertical pipe supports/hangers, towers, guy wires, etc. We also have in our drone fleet a specialized unit for internal and confined space inspections. This special unit allows internal inspections of towers, heaters, large bore pipes, etc.  Utilizing drone technology to perform visual inspections allows users to pinpoint areas of concern that save time and money when planning maintenance activities and keeps entry personnel safe from possible hazards if not eliminating the need for confined space entry by maintenance personnel all together.  Call us directly at 406-208-2267 or email any inquiries to dvollert@bighorninspection.com. No travel or mobilization charges if work scheduled with 14 days advance notice, within the lower 48 USA. 

See an example of some of our flights above.



Real Estate Video & Photos by Drone

Are you a realtor in the Billings Montana area that would like to utilize unique video or photographs to enhance the marketability of your properties? BII also utilizes drones to capture previously unattainable imagery for just this purpose.  Large panoramic shots, fly-bys, property scouting videos, all delivered to you for your marketing needs. Photos and video can be delivered in raw format for you to edit to your interests, or we can edit videos for you.  Contact dvollert@bighorninspection.com to see how we can help you showcase properties. 

See a sample video of this service here: 

We'll add more footage as it becomes available.