Reports can also be tailored to specific client needs.  


The use of Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) has become a standard industry practice.  Advances in EMAT technology and equipment, coupled with our experienced operators, allows for an average of 800 - 1200 linear feet of piping to be inspected per day, based on accessibility.  Our system is capable of assessing lines in diameter from 3/4" and up, and from thicknesses ranging from 0.080" through 1.00".  Flare lines, semi-buried lines, pipe rack and most configurations of transfer and process lines can be examined from temperatures ranging from -50 to 1200 deg. F.  The system also has the capabilities to examine down the pipe axis for up to 3 meters, allowing for assessments of road crossings, wrapped sections, soil-to-earth-interface examinations, etc.  Areas of interest are proven-up using conventional UT methods and reported in both qualitative and quantitative measurements.