It is our responsibility as an inspection team, to provide our clients and customers with the best technology, methodology, and body of knowledge to ensure they are receiving accurate and honest results.  The safety of ourselves and the facilities we serve, as well as the surrounding public and natural habitat is of the highest importance at all times.  We will be diligent in our efforts to supply the best possible results to aid our clients and customers in safely operating their facilities in the refining and chemical infrastructure.

Based in Laurel, MT, BII has been involved in extensive RBI programs that have seen 100% external inspection of nearly 500 different pieces of fixed equipment and hundreds of piping systems over the last 5 years. The savings to our clients in the form of reduced man-hours, support, and exploratory inspections is in the millions.  Contact our CEO, David Vollert, at to see how BII can help save you time and money before your next outage. 

Whether it is new piping or vessel construction, heavy-wall reactor welds, turnaround welding inspection and NDE for welder qualification, tie-in point inspection, nozzle and penetration welds, new piping or new-to-old tie-ins, existing problem equipment, raised face flange corrosion inspection, historically failed services and equipment, or R&D services for new and unforeseen equipment or piping issues, Bighorn Inspection, Inc. is dedicated to giving clients the best ultrasonic inspection technologies to allow a proper fitness-for-service evaluation to be calculated. 
The safety and integrity of your equipment and infrastructure is priority number one.


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